About Artist & His Artwork
With more than five decades of inspirational artistry Khoren Hakobyan is a versatile artist with artwork ranging from illustrations to portraits produced through various techniques, including gouache, pastel crayons, pencil drawing,  aquarelle, oil and silkscreening.

Khoren’s artistic achievements speak of his multi-dimensional approach to creating characters on canvas or paper and emphasizing the unique characters of any model or fictional character. His book illustrations accentuate the story and his portraits highlight the personality.

He creates arts that soothes emotions, creates peace, accentuatues the beauty and revives the characters of beings in the nature. Skillful interpretation of characters that transcend borders and centuries is based on careful exploration of their stories and unique features before initial sketching.
Having illustrated more than 150 books, he has brought to life characters from children’s and general fiction books. His work has found recognition through books published by reputable international publishers, including MacMillan, and has been displayed in various professional expositions and festivals, including Frankfurter Buchmesse and Moscow book festivals. 

One of the major initiatives of the artist has been the development of a full range of illustrations and large-scale canvas for Daredevils of Sassoun, the Armenian National Epic. Khoren has devoted more than 10 years of his artistic life to this initiative: more than 100 small-scale watercolor illustrations and 30 large-size pastel canvas featuring the most interesting and dramatic moments of the epic.