Khoren Hakobyan devoted more than 10 years of his artistic life to create a full range of illustrations of the Armenian National Epic: more than 100 small-scale watercolor illustrations and 30 large-size pastel canvas featuring the most interesting and dramatic moments of the epic. Only some of the watercolor illustrations were published back in 1990s and in the beginning of 2000s in a series of different publications, mainly for the Armenian communities based in the Middle East.  Thanks to the efforts of the artisit's family and a number of independent funders/investors, for the 1st time the fully illustrated version of the Armenian epic in English and Armenian (recited by Nairi Zaryan and translated by Artashes Emin) was published in 2016.  

As Khoren Hakobyan says: “Daredevils of Sassoun is one of the most powerful stories that reveals the true essence of the Armenian soul and longevity. So I revived our epical heroes in my illustrations, because I want each Armenian child to be inspired with our epic. We need to read this story over and over again and overcome all our challenges with the energy and inspiration of our national saga”.